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Skin Rejuvenation  - What can You Expect During Treatment?

First you will be given a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from accidental Intense light exposure.

When your AOI Laser technician pulls the trigger to activate the RF and IPL pulses, you will feel a slight stinging sensation. Due to the cooling of the head you will not find this very uncomfortable, but if you do, be sure to express your discomfort to your laser technician and they can make some adjustments for your comfort. 

We can add a Chiller to your treatment that blows cool air over the surface of the skin being treated that decreases the discomfort if you are having it substantially.

The treatment can cause some charring of stubble and the associate odour of burnt hair and this is completely normal.

The time the treatment takes is completely dependant on how big of an area you are having treated.

Skin Rejuvenation – What can you expect After Treatment?

After your AOI Laser Technician has completed your treatment, you will not need bandages or medications.

Some redness and swelling (very minor) can occur for the first few hours following the treatment.  It is also possible to have a slight tingling sensation after the treatment.

It is also common to feel a slight stinging sensation for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.


There is no long term health hazards from light or electric energies used in the Skin Rejuvenation. Both have been used for decades in medicine, surgery, and aesthetics without significant issues.

It is important to note that brown spots will often GET WORSE before they get better, this is a normal part of the procedure.

After your treatment it is necessary to:

  1. Avoid sun exposure for 2 to 3 weeks and when going outside you must use SPF 30 sunscreen. This is due to the laser making your skin hypersensitive to UV.
  2. Avoid exercising and exertion for 24 hours as your perspiration can cause increased irritation to the treated areas.
  3. Not pick at or constantly rub the treated area. This can also further irritate the treated area.

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